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What Is AutoElfy?

Simply put, AutoElfy is a three-in-one tool that helps you automatically reply to comments on your page, and also send a private message automatically to those that have commented on your post; which allows you to transform your Facebook Messenger into an Autoresponder.

- Auto Reply Comment

Auto reply comment automatically replies to your comment, based on the keyword that you have set inside the system. With this, you no longer have to respond to each comment manually.

- Auto-Private Message

The auto-private message sends a private message automatically to those who commented on your post. This feature allows you to add those that have commented on your post into your messenger subscriber list so that you can broadcast future message to them.

- Transform Your Facebook Messenger Into An Autoresponder

AutoElfy allows you to transform your Facebook Messenger into an autoresponder. This function will enable you to broadcast future messages to your messenger list. Why should you try this? Because with Facebook Messenger, you can get 100% Inboxing rate while with Emails, it usually ranges between 10% - 20%. With AutoElfy you can quickly schedule messages to be broadcast to all your subscribers anytime you want along with youtube videos or link to your offers; so leave all the hassle to AutoElfy.

Also, you don't have to worry about your emails going to spam anymore when you have AutoElf in your arsenal. Now you can rest assured and never be bothered again with delivery rate! It doesn't stop there; AutoElfy has more tools for you to generate your messenger lists such as Facebook AD JSON Code Generator, Call To Action Poster, Message Us Button and Chat Plugin. Check out the dashboard screenshot below.


It's no news that Facebook messenger is taking over as the #1 messaging platform we use to reach our prospects.

If you look at the statistics, more and more marketers and business owners are moving their marketing into the Facebook messenger instead of the popular method (email marketing). Think about it, which one would you instead choose; a 99% open rate or a 15% email open rate?

Facebook inbox it is!

It's no mistake that Facebook is continuously opening up their API for messaging so that marketers can use it to communicate to prospects; they understand the opportunity for people to express efficiently on their platform while email continues its downward spiral. Let's see WHY Facebook messaging has blown up.


The Benefits of Marketing inside FB Messenger Are Officially IMPOSSIBLE to Ignore – Personal Interaction At Its FINEST!


Engaging personalization by addressing your subscribers with their name

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Increase their trust by having the entire conversations and promotion inside a platform they TRUST


Deliver messages with a 100% inboxing rate which is better than emails


Subscribers able to receive messages across mobile devices, tablets and desktop on their Facebook


Sky-rockets your performance using personal one on one engagement with your subscribers

Sound Awesome! But...

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What happens if they reply?


Do I need to automatically respond to hundreds and potentially thousands of people one by one?


What if I want to send them a new offer in the future?

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Do my Facebook messenger leads just die after one message?


You're about to spend hundreds of hours manually sending messages to people using FB messenger and I will tell you right now from experience – it gets old quick.

Would you send an email to everyone who signs up to your email list manually? Of course not, that's what Autoresponders are for.

So why do it for Facebook marketing?

Not only that, did you know that not replying to user responses have adverse effects on your Facebook page?

Yes, that's right. When people message your page, and you don't respond within 15 minutes, Facebook removes your "Very responsive to messages" badge.

So, think about it; how are people going to trust your business or even send your company a message if this is the first thing they see on your page?


To get the "very responsive to messages" Facebook page badge, you need a response time of 15 minutes or less!

How can you possibly do that manually for EVERY message received? It's simple, you CAN'T! Unless you're a robot or an alien that never sleep.

core features2

and a lot more...

Understanding is IMPORTANT

Watch the video below to understand how AutoElfy can help you

Do You Want To See AutoElfy In Action?

Click the below post and comment anything on it and see how AutoElfy does the magic...



*AutoElfy is open to only 300 users!



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Will AutoElfy Work for Me if I Have a Mac?

Yes. AutoElfy is cloud-based software. It will work on any operating system and is also completely mobile responsive. All you need is just an internet connection!


Can I Set Comment Autoreply For Dark Post / AD Post?

Yes, you can! We provide a step by step video tutorial on how to set comment autoreply for your dark post / unpublish post / ad post.


Can I Personalize the Messages I Send with AutoElfy?

Definitely! AutoElfy lets you customize any message with first or last name, external links, images, youtube videos, emojis and more.


Did AutoElfy Comply With Facebook TOS?

Yes. AutoElfy complies with all Facebook Term Of Services as it's been developed using official API from Facebook. However, do NOT abuse or use AutoElfy to spam or you will be removed from our platform immediately. We do not condone that kind of behavior and we are compliant with Facebook's terms of service. We will not be held responsible for any spam/abuse which can lead to your removal.

What If I Have More Questions?

No problem. You can contact us by clicking here.